CTI offers a full spectrum of traditional and advanced digital services to provide our customers with the tools and resources required to simplify the complexities of every project from concept to order fulfillment while ensuring quality control each step of the way.


Packaging Design and Artwork

From concept to design, our graphic artists excel in every realm of packaging. Our packaging design expertise coupled with our color and file prep capabilities allow us to proceed seamlessly to the finished product. We use our experience to work closely with our customers to ensure the best product recognition, brand reinforcement and printed results.

Our experienced staff delivers personalized service. Regardless of the size, type, or complexity of the job, we’ll meet the challenge through creative solutions that only years of experience foster. Our ability to deliver is proven only by our clients continuing success.


Color Management

To achieve the desired results on press, CTI implements the latest and most sophisticated software to analyze the printing outcome and provide suitable feedback to maintain the level of quality. This is especially important for customers concerned about consistent brand integrity across different printing processes.

As an aid to color specificity and consistency, CTI can also provide color palettes customized for different product lines.



Flavor bin.jpg

Asset Management Digital Resources

Your project design and development requires the easy location, retrieval and repurposing of critical digital assets for almost every level.

CTI has many years of expetise in this area across many disiplines and now offers an easy to use on-line Digital Asset Management system that can replace numerous and splintered file sharing platforms.  Access is password protected and the interface is customizable to your requirements.  


On-Line Ordering

Your flexo projects also demand flexibility and ease in placing and tracking orders.    And that’s exactly what you get when using our on-line ordering system. We offer on of the most flexible and easy to use on-line order management system available,

Our real-time Flexo Ordering Management System provides your company with a 24/7 order placement capabilities and customer-centric view of your order status.