CTI offers a full spectrum of advanced digital services to provide our customers with the tools and resources required to simplify the complexities of every project from concept to order fulfillment while ensuring quality control each step of the way.

Digital Photopolymer Plates

CTI is a leading manufacturer of sheet flexo printing plates for corrugated printers. (we do not offer liquid polymer due to it’s low quality and inconsistency). We offer one-stop solution, expertise for your packaging challenges, making the process go from complex to simple providing flexographic printing plates for the corrugated packaging sector.


Digital Flat-Top Dot Plates

Flat top dot and surface screening technologies provide high quality print results in flexo printing. This reproduction process historically requires complex prepress processes and extended plate making with additional steps and equipment. At Color Technology we have developed an easy way to achieve the same high quality results faster and more economically for our customers by using the latest technology with nyloflex® FTF Digital plate for flexible packaging


Digital Coating Plates

Coating plates are ideal for laying down varnish highlights to make layout elements standout or for applying a gloss accent to the entire printed surface. Coating plates are also frequently used to control adhesive lay-down for the construction of cartons or other types of printed packaging.

Common applications are:
• Inline finishing in sheetfed offset presses with coating units.
• Off-line finishing in coating presses
• Spot and full surface coating on coated papers and board
• High resolution and print contrast
• High stability even with UV varnishes and inks
• Excellent dimensional stability due to thick polyester file


Flexo printing on a corrugated substrate requires a soft plate to make an impression with the ebbs of the corrugation. We inventory a variety of materials at any durometer needed to meet your demands. So whether you need loose .250 plates to mount in house, or a fully mounted multi color job, we can offer the right solution.


Digital Island Plates

Light weight, One Piece - Digitally produced single sheet film masks provide for more efficient image ganging, plate material usage, press-time usage and minimized material waste. In the photopolymer platemaking process a ‘digital island’ film negative of the artwork is created and placed over the raw photopolymer plate which is then exposed to ultra-violet light for a specific period of time. The polymer that was exposed to the light hardens and remains (the image area) while the unexposed polymer (non image areas) remains with a soft consistency which through a washout process is then removed and discarded, leaving a resilient raised image.