CTI's Fusion Systems International has implemented advanced prepress systems integration for the printing and publishing industry on a national level for the past 20 years. We provide quality management services, systems automation and training, plus our clients receive exceptional after-sales support, making them repeat customers as their businesses grow.


Discover How To Make Your Production Work Smarter Through Automation

Today’s production environment is rapidly evolving. Print production is consolidating, print and digital production are starting to merge, and more work needs to be completed in less time with fewer resources. Automation is the key to managing this dynamic.

Find new ways to work smarter

Fortunately, Fusion Systems International offers the most cost-effective means to easily automate a wide range of time-consuming and repetitive tasks to help you to work smarter.  

Fusion Systems International is a leading provider of Mac OS X and Windows Harlequin RIPs along with advanced prepress solutions for print and publishing professionals.


One Source Serving Multiple Departments

  • Add automation across multiple departments to save hundreds of man-hours.
  • Accelerate production; improve communication with clients, production personnel, ad sales, and management;
    improve quality control and maximize your team’s productivity.
  • Automate tasks such as file retrieval and receipt (images, articles, commercial print jobs, etc.); auto-rename files
    to your required naming convention; automate pre-flighting and file correction, sorting, routing, and so much more.
  • Automate a wide range of third-party applications for color standardization, ink optimization, intelligent image
    enhancement (both print and electronic editions), and E-edition content publishing. The possibilities are amazing!

Ready to Start Working Smarter?

Learn more about the many powerful workflow automation solutions available from Fusion Systems International
by requesting information or a workflow demonstration. 

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